Hokkaido Brooks Country Club

Privacy Policies

Privacy Policies

To our valued customers,

We, the Hokkaido Brooks Country Club, fully recognize the importance of our customers’ personal information and we shall utilize information provided from our customers under proper and strict control.

We shall use our customers’ personal information for the following purposes:

We, the Hokkaido Brooks Country Club, may provide customers’ personal information to our subcontractors to whom we outsource all or part of our business.
The subcontractors shall be restricted to ones that take measures for personal information protection as we do, and personal information shall be provided only for the relevant business within the scope of the purpose of utilization as stated above.

We, the Hokkaido Brooks Country Club, shall never disclose or provide personal information to a third party without obtaining the prior consent of the person except in the cases the respective items of Article 23, Paragraph 1 of the Act concerning Protection of Personal Information apply, such as those based on laws and regulations for lawsuits, investigations, surveys, etc.

We shall act reasonably within a reasonable amount of time in response to our customers’ inquiries and requests for confirmation and correction of his/her personal information.

The Hokkaido Brooks Country Club