Hokkaido Brooks Country Club



An early-American story of 18 chapters

Front nine with beautiful contrast of Japanese larch and white birch requires adventurous ideas and appropriate judgments.

  • NO.1
  • NO.2
  • NO.3
  • NO.4
  • NO.5
  • NO.6
  • NO.7
  • NO.8
  • NO.9

Back nine with a series of sceneries reminiscent of the Links of Scotland require accurate shots, without being affected by the splendid views.

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course photo The massive ground of 1.65 million square meters has abundant green and gentle natural ups and downs.
The 18 holes were laid out to go with nature as it is, with plenty of ups and downs on fairways, also with very beautiful scenery as well.
Its style is very orthodox, not trying to draw attention, in a sense, the prototype of a golf course.

The course of the Hokkaido Brooks Country Club has an atmosphere similar to those of prestigious golf courses in the United States, both elegant and stately.
Like prestigious golf courses in the United States, the course exploits the advantages of being “hand-made.” High-grade design ideas of Ed Sneed and Taizo Kawata, designers/supervisors of the course, are applied to every hole and corner to create a beautiful but strategic course, arousing golfers’ spirit of challenge.

We are convinced our authentic golf course, providing all the excitement of golf, is close to the original concept of golf.
We would like you to enjoy excitement and encounters to the full like you have never experienced before, on the ground here in Hokkaido.


HOLE 123456789OUT 101112131415161718INTOTAL
PAR 44453434536 4543443543672
Championship 4184304345442004101964415573,630 4245513642224564452015584613,6827,312
Back 3964304035221803881964135343,462 4005513351954284131695264413,4586,920
Regular 3704063784861633601743974873,221 3585153351953923951435063853,2246,445
Front 3473863584671483401463824873,061 3324813091713643811204723682,9986,059
Ladies 3213362604321373161392954442,680 3014312831462963461113823302,6265,306
HDCP 1539513717111- 10416148218612--

Holes Recommended for Attractions

  •  Driving Contest (DC) : Out: Hole 9 / In: Hole 17
  •  Closest-to-the-pin Contest (NP) : Out: Hole 5 / In: Hole 16
Yardage Signs

■Yardage Signs

Yardage Signs are made as birdhouses so as not to spoil the sceneries.

Blue birdhouse ・・・ 200Yards
Yellow birdhouse ・・・ 150Yards
White birdhouse ・・・ 100Yards

For each hole, yards are indicated on the covers of sprinklers.

Course rate

Male Female
Course ratingSlope rating Course ratingSlope rating
Championship 75.7144 --
Back 74.3139 82.0155
Regular 71.8133 78.5148
Front 69.9132 76.0140
Ladies -- 71.8129

Local Rules

  1. Boundaries for Out of Bounds shall be indicated by white stakes.
  2. Boundaries for Grounds under Repair shall be indicated by blue stakes or white lines.
  3. All ponds and swamps inside the course shall be Lateral Water Hazards and their boundaries are indicated by red stakes or red lines.
  4. All artificial construction placed inside the course shall be regarded as obstacles which cannot be moved, such as:
    paved paths, waterways, manholes, bridges, water supply & sprinkler systems, props for trees, stairways, immovable sheets, vessels for top dressings, sign boards, stone walls and crosstiesleepers to protect slope faces.
  5. All items not mentioned here shall accord to the Rules of Golf of the Japan Golf Association.

Note: Modifications of or additions to the Local Rule shall be notified by a notice in the club house.

From Designers/Supervisors

Ed Sneed Photo
A Different Route is Necessary for Every Hole.

Every hole has its own atmosphere like a beautiful landscape,
because we have designed 18 holes so as to follow the ground created by Nature.

Any golf course should follow Nature. Not only undulations on fairways but also those on greens should fit into surrounding landscapes and natural slopes.
Flat greens are not compatible with courses incorporating a combination of natural curves.

So, there are no so simple greens that lose the real pleasure of golf.

The closest attention has been paid to connections between holes so that players can enjoy playing till the last hole.
That is, you have to have a different route to attack a different hole. Accurate judgment and courage is necessary for the player on the teeing ground for every hole.

You should be aggressive, or defensive -
It’s a very strategic course that players should stay sharp for every shot from the starting Hole 1 to the end Hole 18.

Ed Sneed
Taizo Kawata Photo
You should shoot a round by using all your knowledge and technique freely.

The Course of the Hokkaido Brooks Country Club has plenty of beauty and strategy, common to all the superior golf courses in the United State: nature has been left as it is.
We could make the best use of natural slopes, gaps, and basins as ups and downs on fairways.
I myself am satisfied with the course as we aimed to design an orthodox one not drawing undue attention.

I am never a malicious designer; I have clearly indicated the best routes for respective holes.
Of course, the routes may be different for average golfers and those that an experienced golfer would like to challenge.
However, for every hole, players who use his/her power to fight through to the end will be tested in its own way; the same hole would smile gently on a player enjoying shooting a round.

I am convinced that the Hokkaido Brooks Country Club has a course that players should shoot a round using all of his/her knowledge and technique freely as much as possible and will feel the pleasure of golf as a sports activity.

Taizo Kawata