Hokkaido Brooks Country Club



Lixurious Space for our Important Guests.

Seasonal beauty, comfort, relaxation.
We thought the appearance of our club house should match the magnificence of Hokkaido.
The design with a peaked roof and walls finished with natural stone and unglazed tiles certainly reminds you somehow of a residence in the good old days.
We strongly feel the house will satisfy our customers as a place to meet and host people.


A Style of Grace and Presence,Matched to the Beautifl Nature.

We have a variety of special and regular rooms for relaxing in a small group.
The Executive Lounge has a wide stairwell and sophisticated furniture and interior which produce the best possible coziness.

We provide high-quality services distinct to us, the Hokkaido Brooks Country Club, for members and guests to have a cheerful time of pleasant talk - a genuine pleasure of spending time in a country club.

VIP Rooms

(COURSE side - 12 persons)
  • Rates DO NOT INCLUDE tax
  • Private bathroom and lockers are included.
  • Ask for the availability in advance.



Practice field,witch boasts a total length 300 yards.

  • 15 ranges with a distance of 300 yards and sufficient space.
  • Special mats made of artificial turf more similar to real grass, and possible to insert tees.
  • All balls are authentic "course balls."
  • A washroom was newly installed for golf clubs.
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